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Posted on December 13, 2018 by Alta Schwartz

Dear Alif community,

Your end of year donation will ensure that Alif’s impact goes far beyond our community! In addition to engaging the next generation of Arab Americans, Alif regularly represents Arab cultures at programs hosted at our center as well as out in the greater Atlanta area.

Last summer, college student Chris R. attended a full day cultural workshop at Alif as part of a summer course from a local university. When asked about his experience, Chris shared:

“I  grew up being raised in a very close-minded, Southern family. Coming to this program all I had in mind was, “Alright, I’m gonna learn this terrorist language and get out.” Now that I look back on that, I realize how truly bigoted I was…[The] cultural supplements [provided by Alif] were an eye-opening experience”.

Collaborating with local universities is just one of the many ways that Alif is able to open hearts, change minds, and counter negative stereotypes. It can be difficult to measure the outcomes of social programs, but I regularly witness our programs changing behaviors, one person at a time. Educating about Arab cultures is absolutely crucial to reversing the increasing divisions in our society and the rising rate of hate crimes.

Alif programs provide a space for people from diverse traditions to connect with each other. We engage with our audiences through meaningful experiences that will not be forgotten. 

We need your donations to dramatically expand our presence in Atlanta and beyond through increased outreach and new programs. We already have in place a strategic plan and a passionate team excited to carry it out. The levels below show how your donations directly FUND OUR MISSION:

  • $10,000      Annual Film Festival or Music Festival
  • $5,000        Organize one High-Profile Venue Event
  • $5,000        Bring an exhibit to Alif
  • $2,500        Organize a monthly Feature Event (8/year)
  • $1,000        Participate in a Community Festival (4/year)
  • $1,000        Deliver a School Visit (12/year)
  • $1,000        Workshops at Community/Government organizations (8/year)
  • $1,000        Host a Movie Night at Alif (10/year)
  • $500           Host an author, lecture, or educational event
  • Monthly gift – Sustaining donorship is an easy way to increase the power of your donation.

Every amount helps us Connect Cultures and Enrich Lives through the Power of Community. If you would like to know more about what we do, please see our Annual & Financial Reports and our Strategic Plan. To learn how you can help us achieve our mission, please reach out to us. 

Many thanks,

Alta Schwartz

Interim Executive Director,
Director of Outreach & Development


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