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Alif Institute
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Please follow the signs on Presidential Parkway.

Things to remember:
– No pets
– No smoking
– No alcohol
– No weapons
– No distribution of political, religious, or other non-authorized promotional materials

What is the Annual Atlanta Arab Festival & Book Fair?

Enjoy a week-end filled with Arabic flavors, sights, and sounds!
  • Enjoy unique live performances on the stage.
  • Embark on a culinary tour at the Arab world food court.
  • Shop for little treasures at the bustling souq.
  • Experience our exhibits, workshops, games, and other fun activities. 
  • For more information contact us at festival@alifinstitute.org.

As part of Alif Institute’s mission to foster the education and appreciation of Arab cultures, the Atlanta Arab Festival (AAF) is an annual event designed to celebrate Arab cultures, celebrate and experience Arab and Arab-American heritage, promote and enhance cultural exchange, and build community.

The AAF draws attendees reflecting the diversity of the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond. Over its history, the number of attendees has steadily increased, from 300 attendees in the first years to over 6,000 in 2023. The AAF supports Arab American artists, artisans, and businesses. AAF participants feature some of the best Arabic restaurants, caterers, and artists, as well as a diverse group of businesses, nonprofits, and organizations. Adults and children alike enjoy the delicious food, the unique performances, the rich cultural exhibits & workshops, the engaging games and activities, and a real taste of Arab cultures. 

The Atlanta Arab Festival & Book Fair is organized by Alif Institute, a nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational, and cultural organization. Alif’s mission is to foster the understanding and appreciation of Arab cultures; our vision is to connect humanity through the power of arts and culture. Since its founding in 2004, Alif Institute has been offering Arabic language classes as well as a variety of cultural activities including, but not limited to, film screenings, art exhibits, concerts of renowned artists, and lectures by researchers and authors. The Institute welcomes people from all backgrounds and its events are open to the general public.

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Festival History

In 2006, Alif Institute organized its first Arab American Family Day. The event featured educational displays about the Arab culture and Arab Americans, live music performance, folk dancing, traditional Arab costumes show, and various activities for children.

In 2010, the Family Day was grown to a two day event and renamed Atlanta Arab Festival. The Festival also included the participation of local artists, food providers, businesses and organizations.

Over the years, the event became an annual tradition that the community enjoys and looks forward to. In 2013, the Atlanta Arab Festival grew in numbers and drew over 3,500 attendees, more than double the number reached in 2010!

Continuing its evolution, 2023 was the biggest year ever! Over 7,000 visitors enjoyed the largest selection of restaurants, vendors, children’s activities, and performances! Several community/humanitarian organizations joined the festival and contributed to educate and engage the public.  For the first time, we had a special concert on Saturday night, and festival performances included our own Alif Tabla Troupe.

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