In May, we discovered that over 2,500 tires were illegally dumped on Alif’s wooded property that fronts onto Presidential Parkway (behind our building). A group of current and past board members along with other concerned supporters formed a Building & Grounds Committee to help us deal with this immediate issue as well as other important building-related topics.

We ask 350 people to donate $50 each so we can cover the cost to remove and recycle the tires according to Georgia environmental regulations (up to $17,500).

Dekalb County is holding Alif Institute responsible and has issued us a citation to appear in court at the end of June. We may be fined on top of the cost of removal and disposal. If you have experience or resources to deal with this type of issue, please reach out to us at

We are taking measures to prevent this from happening again:

  • We have filed a police report about the illegal dumping.

  • We are pursuing leads from security cameras from our neighbors at PREP Kitchens to hold the persons responsible accountable.

  • PREP has generously offered to pay for a 12 foot fence to be built between our properties to prevent future dumping.

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