Syria, Qalamon Beginner Embroidery Kit

Syria, Qalamon Beginner Embroidery Kit


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Syria, Qalamon beginner embroidery kit with 5 original patterns from the Qutayfa/Qalamon area.

Contents of kit:

  • Flyer explaining: the origin of the Syrian native dress

  • Flyer explaining the origin of the Qutayfa/Qalamon thobe & patterns

  • 5 Historic patterns from Qutayfa/Qalamon region printed on paper

  • 5 Aida, 14 count, embroidery fabrics – size: 9cm X 13cm

  • 5 cardboard cards with envelopes

  • 2 embroidery tapestry needles

  • DMC embroidery yarn in 7 colours

  • Step by step embroidery instruction manual explaining how to embroider the typical Qalamon stitch.

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