Summer 2021 Conversational Arabic – Levantine

Conversational Levantine

June 7th – August 6th
16 hours total (8 weeks, 2 hrs/week)
Cost: $210

Levels, Class Days/Times, Instructors

  • Beginner – Mondays, 7 PM – 9 PM with Nelly Shalaby
  • Beginner I – Tuesdays, 7 PM – 9 PM with Nelly Shalaby
  • Intermediate High & Advanced Low – Thursdays, 7 PM -9 PM, with Philip Ian

Course Format
Live, Virtual Classroom via Zoom. Asynchronous listening and speaking practice via Google Classroom.

 Listening-focused immersion with simple, understandable messages and stories in Arabic. An immersive approach, placing heavy emphasis on conversational proficiency in the Levantine Dialect (Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian) – which is used in everyday conversations. Students will develop conversational proficiency through repeated exposure to high amounts of the most frequently-used, everyday vocabulary – all in the form of storytelling, understandable conversations, and games.

Textbook – No textbook required.

Instructors – Philip Ian, Nelly Shalaby

While students are normally required to become members of Alif before registering for Arabic courses, we have waived this requirement due to COVID-19, in order to make our course more accessible.

This being considered, we invite you to support Alif by becoming a member. You can sign up right now through this link. Thank you so much for your generosity!

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