Spring Spruce-Up!

Spring Spruce-Up!

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Every building needs maintenance. Now that the pandemic is starting to subside and the weather is improving, let’s show our building a little love! Our goal for this targeted fundraiser is to raise $8,500 by March 1, 2022.

Our plan is to spruce up the event room by:

  • Painting the ceiling and walls.
  • Installing new carpet that has already been donated!

See what a huge impact $8,500 will make!

  • Improve the image of Alif Institute
  • Enhance the effectiveness of our programs.
  • Help us welcome new guests as well as old friends.
  • Generate sustainable revenue through event room rental and customized cultural packages for schools and organizations.
All donations are 100% tax-dedcutible. As always, thank you for your generosity!

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