Farah Rocks Fifth Grade

Farah Rocks Fifth Grade


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Farah and her best friend, Allie Liu, are getting excited to turn in their applications to the Magnet Academy, where they both hope to attend sixth grade. But when new girl Dana Denver shows up, Farah’s world is turned upside down. As Dana starts bullying Farah’s little brother, Samir, Farah begins to second-guess her choice to leave him behind at Harbortown Elementary/Middle School. Determined to handle it on her own, Farah comes up with a plan–a plan that involves lying to those closest to her. Will her lies catch up with her, or can Farah find a way to defeat the bully and rock fifth grade?


Farah Rocks Fifth Grade Hardcover – Illustrated, January 1, 2020

by Susan Muaddi Darraj(Author), Ruaida Mannaa(Illustrator)
Farah rocks arab-american arab family book friendship girl immigrant own voices Palestinian summer 
Meet fifth-grader Farah Hajjar also known as Farah Rocks! Readers will identify with her hard work, sense of wonder and mistake-making ways. A new chapter book series featuring an Arab-American main character, really cute and heartwarming story about family and friends, a strong female main character that stands up against bullying. Includes a glossary with Arabic terms.
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