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Features photographs of objects and materials from the Jack G. Shaheen Archive at Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, and documents U.S. popular culture representations of Arabs and Muslims from the early-20th century to the present. Also contained are essays by Jack G. Shaheen (NYU Distinguished Visiting Scholar), Ella Shohat (NYU Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and Art and Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts), Ali Mirsepassi (NYU Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and Sociology, Gallatin School and Director of Iranian Studies Initiative at NYU), Jack (John Kuo Wei) Tchen (Founding Director of A/P/A Institute and A/P/A Studies at NYU), and Amita Manghnani (former A/P/A Graduate Archives Scholar) about the relevance and importance of the Jack G. Shaheen Archive, which contains nearly 3,000 moving images including motion pictures, cartoons, newsreels, and televisions programs, as well as editorial cartoons, advertisements, books, magazines, comic books, toys, and games featuring anti-Arab and anti-Muslim depictions.

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