9/18: The Art of Arabic Cooking – HARRAQ OSBAO

Syrian Cuisine – Harraq Osbao presented by Sahar Hashem

Saturday, September 18, 2021
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
For Youth (12+) and Adults 
(12 – 15 must be accompanied by a parent.)

Individuals – $25 per person / $30 for non-members
Couples/pairs (sharing one spot) – $45 for a pair / $50 for non-members

Vegan heaven is one way to describe this lentil, noodle, tamarind dish popular in the Levant, especially in Damascus. One legend states that as the wife was cooking the meal, her husband walked into the kitchen to sneak in a taste of this delicious but traditionally time-consuming dish. Not realizing how piping hot the food is, he scalded his fingers when he dipped them in the pot, hence the literal name of the entree ‘scalding his fingers.’ Join Damascene native Dr. Sahar Hashem as she cooks her scrumptious secret recipe.


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