10/16: The Art of Arabic Cooking – Fattet Baytinjan (فته باذنجان)

Levantine Cuisine – Fattet Baytinjan (فته باذنجان) presented by Mariam Dennawi

Saturday, October 16, 2021
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
For Youth (12+) and Adults 
(12 – 15 must be accompanied by a parent.)

Individuals – $25 per person / $30 for non-members
Couples/pairs (sharing one spot) – $45 for a pair / $50 for non-members

We have all heard of and love ‘brunch.’ But sometimes nothing satisfies more ‘brinner.’ That is right, breakfast for dinner. In parts of the Arab Mediterranean, brinner means fatteh. Said to have started as a way to recycle stale bread, fatteh consists of yummy pita or saj bread, torn into pieces and toasted or fried to a perfect crunch, coated with a light, nutty, and creamy mixture of tahini and yogurt or labneh, and topped with chickpeas, eggplant, meat, etc., almonds or pine nuts, and garnished with pomegranate arils, parsley, etc. An Egyptian version contains rice. Join Mariam Dennawi as she makes her famous Levantine eggplant fatteh, known in Arabic as Fattet Baytinjan.

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