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Posted on December 19, 2017 by Alif

Dear Alif Supporter,

What would you like the future to look like?

If you are like us, we see an even MORE proud and vibrant Arab-American community playing an essential part of the larger, diverse mosaic of communities in the metro-Atlanta area. We see Alif Institute as an even MORE valuable resource for countering negative stereotypes. We see Alif Institute as an even MORE welcoming place for the non-Arab community to experience the power and beauty of Arab cultures.

We listened to your suggestions and used your contributions to make them a reality. With your generous donations, we completed the first phase of improvements as we:

• Brought Alif programs to more  prominent venues
• Made important upgrades and began developing the property behind the building
• Expanded the Atlanta Arab Festival
• Enhanced the building and put video screens and computers in all the classrooms
• Expanded and enriched our exhibits

2017 Atlanta Arab Festival sm

With passion and hard work, our founders put their dreams into action to create Alif Institute. We continue in their footsteps to dream BIG DREAMS, so we need YOUR HELP for the next step! We hired an architectural firm to produce schematics and are ready to submit these for permitting! We have the vision and a plan. We have begun fundraising for the next phase of development. All we lack are the remaining resources!

• To renovate the event room, including a new entrance, we need an additional $145,000.
• To upgrade our projection and sound system, we need an additional $30,000.
• To create a better film program, and an Arab Film Festival, we need an additional $15,000.

Classroom sm

These are our current priorities, but there are so many more possibilities. We are always looking for new and better ways to SHINE THE LIGHT OF ARAB CULTURES. We invite you to join the conversation by sending your thoughts and suggestions to Please make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION now!

There are many challenges facing our community today. Moreover, this is also a time of transition for Alif leadership. However, in these challenges, we see great opportunity. With your help, Alif will continue to thrive.


Angela Khoury
Executive Director

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