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The Arab-American population in the United States has increased tremendously in the past three decades. While the 2000 Census accounted for some 1.25 million persons who self-identify with an Arabic-speaking origin, the estimates place the population at more than 3.5 million (based on research done by the Zogby International polling and marketing firm). Most reside in these five metropolitan cities Los Angeles, Detroit, New York/New Jersey, Chicago and Washington D.C.

According to the Arab American Institute Foundation, there are approximately 80,000 Americans of Arab descent in Georgia, of whom, approximately 50,000 live here in Atlanta.

The Alif Institute is established in recognition of the Arab peoples as notable contributors to world culture, and in recognition of the contributions of Arab-Americans to the New World.

Arabs are diverse people who live in 22 nations in Southwest Asia and North Africa collectively called the Arab World. These Arab countries cover 5.25 million square miles, with a total population of approximately 350 million. These countries are:

AlgeriaBahrainComoros, Djibouti, EgyptIraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

To learn more about the people and cultures of the Arabs and Arab Americans, you may download our various educational one-page Educational Documents (PDF) using the links below.

Educational Documents

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Other Useful Resources

Various links to other useful resources (please read disclaimer below):  

The Arab World


Arabic Language and Literature

  • * Center for Arabic Study Abroad/University of Texas – Austin, TX
  • * The Arabic Language / Al-Bab portal – United Kingdom
  • * Middle East & Islamic Studies Collection / Arabic literature Cornell University library – Ithaca, NY

  • * Amana Academy – Atlanta, Georgia

  • * Dar-un-Noor Academy – Atlanta, Georgia

Arabic Cuisine

  • * Mediterranean Cuisine / Denise Hazime / DedeMed 
  • * Moroccan cuisine / Alia Al-Kasimi / Cooking with Alia

Arabic Arts & Culture

  • * Mizna – Minneapolis, MN
  • * ArteEast – Brooklyn, NY
  • * Arab Film Festival – San Jose, CA
  • * Philistine Films – New York, NY
  • * Arab Film Distribution – Seattle, WA
  • * Arabic Hour Television – West Rosbury, MA
  • * Golden Thread – San Fransisco, CA
  • *Arab Theatrical Arts Guild – Dearborn, MI
  • * Turath – La Canada, CA
  • * Arab American Composer and Pianist Malek Jandali – Atlanta, GA
  • * Fondation Arabe pour l’Image/Arab Image Foundation – Beirut, Lebanon ; New York, NY
  • * Saudi Aramco World – Houston, TX

Media Links in Arabic

  • * Al-Jazeera 
  • * BBC 
  • * CNN 
  • * Le Monde Diplomatique Arabe

Media Links in English

  • * Al-Jazeera 
  • * BBC 
  • * CNN 
  • * Le Monde Diplomatique Arabe 
  • * Al-Bawaba Portal

Other Links

  • * Arabic Page – United Nations – New York, NY
  • * About Islam / Arab & Islamic Studies / University of Georgia – Athens, GA
  • *About the Middle East / Middle East Policy Council – Washington, DC


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