Help Alif Institute BRING eL Seed TO ATLANTA!

To celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month, Alif Institute is bringing internationally acclaimed artist, eL Seed, to create a public mural to use his talent to show the beauty of Arabic language and cultures.
We need your help to cover the expenses of this unique community project!


Other than donating (using the links below) please email us at or message us if you can help us find: 

  • Appropriate wall/side of building for the mural
  • In-kind donations of paint and painting supplies
  • In-kind donations for a lift for the artist (if the wall is high)
  • In-kind donations for accommodations for the artist and his assistant
  • Donations to cover the cost of expenses for the project

Click here to see eL Seed’s TED TALKS.

Alif Institute is proud to announce its partnership with internationally acclaimed artist, eL Seed to share our rich Arab heritage with Metro Atlanta through a beautiful community mural and several presentations with local institutions.

eL Seed uses Arabic calligraphy and a distinctive style to spread messages of peace, unity and to underline the commonalities of human existence. We approached eL Seed because his artwork, found all over the world, reflects our own mission as it consistently aims at unifying communities and redressing stereotypes.

In a time where the definition of humanity has become diluted and selective, a project like this is needed most to put into action our mission to foster the understanding and appreciation of Arab cultures. It further establishes our presence as a member of this diverse and cosmopolitan community, positively raising the profile of the Arab American community.

What better way to celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month than with profoundly beautiful artwork that celebrates Arab heritage here in our own backyard, for all to enjoy!

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