11/2: Iraqi Night

Posted on October 1, 2019 by Alta Schwartz


ليلة عراقية في معهد ألف 

At 7 PM

$25 / $22 for members, $10 for kids 12 years & under

Catered dinner and free babysitting included!

RSVP required by 10/30.
For more info: 
 info@alifinstitute.org or 770-936-8770.


Experience Iraqi culture at Alif Institute!

Modern Iraq is a country rich in culture drawing on thousands of years of the heritage of many great civilizations. Experience Iraqi culture, both old and new, at Alif Institute by joining us for an evening filled with the beautiful history, culture, and cuisine of this special place and extraordinary peoples.

This event includes a full-course, catered, authentic Iraqi dinner, a cultural program, and free babysitting.


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