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Spring 2020 Semester

January 14 – May 2 (15 weeks)

No classes week of March 16
Exact dates may vary per course

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Arabic Courses

Alif Institute offers students courses in three forms of Arabic – Conversational Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and Fully Integrated Arabic. Each has a different use in Arab society. See below for more information.

Conversational Arabic

Conversational Arabic (also known as ‘Spoken Arabic’ or ‘amiyyah) is the collective term referring to all the spoken dialects of Arabic. There are multiple dialects of Arabic. Some vary slightly while others vary drastically.
If your primary goal is to become conversationally proficient in Arabic, you may want to consider one of the Conversational Arabic courses.


Conversational Fluency

Available Dates & Times

Level 1: Tuesdays 7pm–9pm

Level 2: Thursdays 7pm–9pm


Philip Ian

Language Focus

Listening Comprehension,  Speaking, and Overall Fluency


TPRS: Listening immersion with understandable messages and stories in Arabic (read more)

Dialect Taught

Southern Levantine (Jordanian/Palestinian dialect)


No Textbook Required


Conversational Vocabulary

Available Dates & Times

Level 1: *TBD


Sahar Hashem

Language Focus

Vocabulary and Pronunciation


Applying traditional teaching methods to pragmatic conversations based on location/situation (ex. at the airport, restaurant, etc.)

Dialect Taught

Northern Levantine (Syrian/Lebanese dialect)


Syrian Colloquial Dialect

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Modern Standard Arabic, also known as Fusha, is widely considered the ‘official’ form of Arabic, even though it is not used in spoken conversations. Its primary use is for official written communication – everything from journalism and literature to street signs.

If your primary goal is study Arab literature, journalism, or poetry, then you may want to consider taking our MSA class.

Modern Standard Arabic

Available Dates & Times

Level 1: Saturday 2pm – 4pm
Level 2: Saturday 2pm – 4pm


Level 1: Lamyaa Al-Azawy
Level 2: Sahar Hashem       

Language Focus

Reading, Writing, Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation
Vocabulary and Grammar


Traditional Mainstream Approach


Fully Integrated Arabic

‘Fully Integrated Arabic’ refers to an approach to Arabic language education that incorporates the spoken, conversational form of the language and the formal variety of the language – each according to the way they are used in everyday life (for example: having practice conversations in Conversational Arabic and reading a newspaper in Modern Standard Arabic)

Fully Integrated Arabic

Available Dates & Times

Level 1: Thursdays 7pm – 9pm
Level 2: Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm  


Jihan Hasan

Language Focus

Listening Comprehension and Speaking Fluency


Cornell University Model

Dialect Taught

Levantine Educated Spoken Arabic (LESA) and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

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