Our Integrated Arabic track combines Modern Standard Arabic (used for reading, writing, and formal speech) with several dialects used in everyday conversation. Students will develop a knowledge of the Arabic alphabet and grammar, along with the ability to participate in both formal discourse and everyday conversation. We offer three different tracks:

  • Levantine (Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian)
  • Moroccan (Darija)
  • Saudi/Gulf


Adult 200 (Beginner)

Adult 201 (Beginner Low)

Adult 202 (Beginner Mid)

Adult 203 (Beginner High)

Adult 300 (Intermediate Low)

Adult 301 (Intermediate Mid)

Adult 302 (Intermediate High)


  • Days/Times:
    Adult 200 (Beginner) – Monday, from 7-9 pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Instructor: Abderrahim Er-Ragragi
  • Text: Alif Baa/Al-Kitaab series


All Courses

  • Beginning the week of January 31 – the week of May 9.

Regular Price: $385
Early Bird Discount: $370*
*Sale ends Saturday, January 15.

Please click HERE to register.

  • These courses use the Cornell University Model.
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes will be conducted in our Virtual Classroom via Zoom with asynchronous listening and speaking practice via Google Classroom.
  • There will be opportunities for students to meet at Alif Institute for cultural events outside of class hours.

Here’s what students have shared about our Integrated Arabic Courses:

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