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Dabkeh Classes



Alif institute is happy to offer Dabkeh classes featuring Dabkeh trainer, Ms Iman Khoury.

Classes are offered to adults, youth and children.. 

Alif Dabkeh teams have been invited to perform at numerous venues, including performances on the International Stage of the Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival and various fairs and festivals in local schools, colleges and non-profit organizations. The Dabkeh teams also perform at the Annual Atlanta Arab Festival held each spring at the Alif Institute. 

For adults, this fun form of exercise is also a wonderful way to be social while connecting with Arab culture.

For youth, this class represents a unique opportunity to learn about Arab culture, while building leadership skills and self esteem.

Session:  Saturdays | 1:30PM - 2:15PM Children Classes | 2:30PM - 3:30PM Adult Classes.

Cost:  $20 per person per month. Free for Children registered in Arabic Language Classes. 

Instructor:  Ms. Iman Khoury


For more information please contact us at or at 770-936-8770.

Visit the Alif YouTube channel to view more videos of Dabkeh performances.

 Dabkeh at Gala

About Dabkeh (From Wikipedia)

Dabkeh (Arabic: دبكة); also transliterated "dabka","dabki", "dabke", "debke", "debkah", "debki", "debka" is an Arab folk dance native to the Levant. It is popular in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia . A line dance, it is widely performed at weddings and joyous occasions. The line forms from right to left. The leader of the dabke heads the line, alternating between facing the audience and the other dancers.



Invite your friends to join in the fun at our Dabkeh series!